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Data Loggers & Data Acquisition Systems

CAS has the most comprehensive selection of data logging equipment available anywhere. As one of the largest data logger distributors in North America, we have hundreds of different models from more than 18 manufacturers to satisfy almost any application. With models from 1 to 300 channels we can record temperature, humidity, force/strain, pressure, as well as voltage, current, digital signals, serial (RS-232/RS-485), CAN/OBD or SDI-12 devices.

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Accsense Monitoring Systems  ADwin Real-Time Data Acquisition & Control Systems AEMC Voltage & Current Data Loggers  Brainchild Paperless Chart Recorders
CAEN RFID Cold Chain Solutions dataTaker Universal Data Loggers Delphin Data Acqisition and Data Logging Systems Grant Precision Portable Data Loggers
Accsense Electrocorder Data Loggers ISODAQ Data Loggers Influx Vehicle Data Loggers Lascar USB Stick Data Loggers
Novus Industrial Data Loggers Onset HOBO Data Loggers TandD Compact & Wireless Data Loggers VersaLog Data Loggers

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The number of available options when choosing your data logger can be overwhelming, that's why we created resources on how to select the right data logger.

Data Logger Selection Guides
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Novus Data Loggers

Versatile, powerful and cost effective industrial data loggers which handles analog and digital signals with high resolution and speed plus expansion modules and wireless communication accessories.

datataker Universal Loggers

Intelligent, universal input data loggers that measure temperature, voltage, current and more with a built-in web server and extensive communications capabilities including Ethernet, USB, Serial and cellular models.

Accsense Wireless Data Loggers

Wireless and LAN based systems with cloud based data storage and reporting for monitoring temperature, humidity and other parameters in critical applications in health care, health sciences, research and manufacturing.

Accsense Electrocorder Voltage & Current Loggers

A full range of voltage and current data loggers fully equiped to handle a large variety of recording applications. One to three channels, single phase and three phase models with a variety of recording ranges.

Delphin Technologies

Industrial data acquisition and data logging systems for measuring temperature, pressure, flow, voltage and vibration in research, testing and process control.

Lascar USB Data Loggers

Low cost self-contained USB data loggers for temperature, humidity, voltage, current or event recording.

TandD Wireless Systems

Compact, rugged data loggers for temperature, humidity, and voltage/current in wireless, USB and Ethernet models for industrial, environmental and life science applications.

Grant Instruments

High quality, high accuracy battery powered, portable data loggers used to monitor temperature, humidity, voltage, current and resistance in scientific, industrial and manufacturing industries.

ADwin Data Acqusition Systems

High performance stand-alone real-time data acquisition and control systems with analog, digital, CANbus, and Serial I/O for Research, Manufacturing, Test Stand, Aerospace and Automotive Applications


Paperless chart recorders with an LCD display, removable flash memory data storage, analog inputs for temperature, voltage and current, digital I/O and Ethernet.


Simple Logger II compact stand-alone data logging systems with models for AC or DC voltage or current, temperature, humidity and event recording.

Acumen Serial Data Logger

Compact, easy to use stand-alone serial data loggers with removable Flash memory storage that capture data from RS-232 devices including meters, scales and GPS sensors.

MadgeTech Multi-Channel Loggers

High quality, application specific data loggers for a range of industries that can measure temperature, humidity, pressure, voltage, current, shock, strain or other common parameters.

Influx Vehicle DAQ

High speed vehicle data logging systems for OBD, CAN, analog signals and GPS. With the use of the analytical software and ability to access data remotely, Influx is the ideal solution for vehicle and engine monitoring applications.

Onset® HOBO® Data Loggers

Onset manufactures a wide variety of HOBO® data loggers to fit into any budget. Models can record temperature and other parameters such as humidity, light, building-performance and other parameters.


Accsense VersaLog dataloggers are a powerful low-cost solution for your real time temperature monitoring and alarm needs.


Ibexis data loggers eliminate the complexity and cost of collecting real-time data from remote field based sensors, instruments and control systems.


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) enabled Temperature Logger Tags and Readers for perishable products during shipment and storage.


Remote, battery-powered loggers with cellular modems for monitoring applications in the water and environmental protection industries.

CAS Data Loggers

Our data loggers are used in a wide variety of applications such as remote monitoring, in industrial process and manufacturing industries, for automotive and aerospace data collection, in pharmaceutical manufacturing and storage, and in geological and environmental monitoring. We have even flown units on the Space Shuttle and ISS (International Space Station)!

If you're not sure which datalogger might be best for your application, speak with one of our applications engineers at 1-800-956-4437 and we can help you select the best logger for your project.

We also offer data acquisition and control systems including high performance real-time systems for situations where traditional test systems or programmable controllers are not suitable. These systems are used in data acquisition, test and control applications where microsecond precision is needed. We have models with 8 to over 400 analog input channels, analog output channels, digital inputs and outputs, counters, RS-232, RS-485 CANbus and Profibus interfaces.

We provide configuration assistance, custom programming, custom system design and assembly, post-sales technical support, and repair and calibration services. Our development capabilities include custom data acquisition and data logging systems, test and measurement systems, and portable data collection systems.

Computer Aided Solutions maintains a network of sales representatives and distributors that covers all of North America and key markets in Central and South America.

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