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We offer a variety of data loggers that are suitable for measurement of AC voltage and current. We have models that come with built-in transducers to support a specific voltage and/or current range.

If you need to monitor DC Voltage or Current, please click the following link to our DC Voltage and Current Data Logger Page . If you have to monitor a mix of AC and DC voltage and/or current inputs, we have a great selection of Universal Input Data Loggers that can be outfitted with transducers to measure almost any type of input - from mV and uAmps to thousands of volts or amps.

Transducer Support

If you need to measure voltages and currents that are beyond the standard input ranges of these data loggers, we can provide transducers that are suitable for up to hundreds or thousands of amps that work with our general purpose data loggers that allow measurement of most voltages and currents found in residential, commercial or industrial applications. These loggers also allow the measurement of other input signals types besides voltage and current.

For more information on transducers, see our tutorial for Voltage and Current Measurements. Please call us at 800-956-4437
and we will help you design a system to meet your exact requirements.

AC Voltage Data Loggers

AC Voltage Data Loggers

We offer several models of data loggers for the measurement of AC voltage including low cost single channel loggers, multichannel loggers designed specifically for AC voltage measurements and universal input loggers that can measure AC voltage along with many other parameters such as temperature.

AC Current Data Loggers

AC Current Data Loggers

We offer models that are designed to monitor general trends by taking a number of samples of a single AC cycle and then reporting the average, min and max over multiple cycles. Because of way these sample they are well suited to observing changes that occur over several line cycles but not good for capturing transient events. We also offer high speed units that sample much faster and are designed to capture spikes and other fast events.

AC Power Data Loggers

AC Power Data Loggers

We carry several different models of loggers for AC power that can be used for equipment monitoring, energy conservation studies or testing. We offer units that provide simple V-A measurements and others that record VAR, PF and other parameters. We can also configure simpler units which utilize watt transducers for less demanding applications.

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