High Speed for Demanding Applications

We have high speed data loggers and data acquisition systems that can capture dynamic signals such as pressure transients, dynamic force, strain and acceleration, and other rapidly changing signals or transients.

FieldLogger Data Acquisition Systems


FieldLogger High Speed Data Logger

The FieldLogger is an analog and digital variables data logger. It can act as Modbus RTU master and read registers from other slaves. Capable of performing mathematical operations in the input channels, it is a high-speed reading and logging device with lots of available memory and many connectivity options.

  • 8 analog channels
  • Ethernet interface with: DHCP, DNS, SMTP, HTTP, FTP, SNMP and Modbus TCP
  • A/D converter: 24 bit, up to 1000 samples a second
  • Accuracy: 0.2% of the span for thermocouples, 0.15% of the span for other input types
  • 8 digital channels individually configured as input or ouput
  • RS485 interface (Modbus master or slave)

Delphin Expert Transient Data Acquisition System for high speed, high accuracy data acquisition

Expert Transient

Expert Transient High Speed Data Logger

The Expert Transient is a high speed, high accuracy data logger capable of synchronously acquiring and saving analog measurement data up to a sampling rate of 50 kHz per channel in combination with digital signals.

  • Synchronous acquisition of 8 or 16 galvanically isolated, analog signals
  • Triggered and continuous acquisition modes
  • Sampling rates of up to 50 kHz per channel
  • High measurement precision (24-bit ADC)
  • Remotely connect via WiFi, UMTS or LTE
  • 16GB data storage capability
  • Alarms via email or text message

LogMessage High Speed Data Logger

LogMessage High Speed Data Logger

LogMessage Data Loggers are an advanced high speed data logger for demanding applications. They are suitable for stand-alone data logging, product testing, quality and reliability testing, process monitoring, research and development and fault analysis. Virtual internal channels allow calculations, statistics, and various other functions.

  • 120, 600 and 1200 Hz Sampling Rates
  • 1 GB internal memory for 128 million data records
  • Seven different versions with different number of inputs and outputs
  • Monitoring and alarm functions
  • Stand alone operation, network interface and two serial ports
  • Included ProfiSignal GO Software
  • Sum sampling rate analog inputs: 600 measurements per second

Delphin Technology TopMessage Data Logger/Data Acquisition System


TopMessage High Speed Data Logger

TopMessage systems are being used around the world in many different data logging, data acquisition and testing applications. They have been used successfully in the fields of process technology, test engineering, and research and development. TopMessage devices process any signal fast and reliably from just a few thermocouples right up to thousands of measurement points spread over several plant areas.

  • Modular and scalable
  • Universal inputs and outputs
  • High accuracy with up to 24-bit resolution
  • Can handle 30 analog inputs or 48 digital inputs
  • Connect up to 10 slave devices for extended functionality

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