Server Room Temperature Monitoring and Alarming Applications

Server room monitoringEach server rack is vital to a data center's operations, so monitoring this invaluable equipment isn't optional, it's necessary. Without environmental monitoring, businesses often suffer data loss or permanent damage to their server storage room equipment due to high temperatures, extreme humidity levels, and water leakage. A failing AC unit will soon impact the servers due to stress, overheating CPUs, and application errorsóby the time the failure is discovered, it's usually too late. Therefore temperature conditions should be monitored at rack level, not just room level. The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) suggests using 6 sensors placed on each rack.

Safe humidity levels range from 40-60% RH, since lower levels can cause static electricity buildup, and high levels will eventually corrode the equipment resulting in permanent damage. Water leakage is another serious risk to server rooms & data centers, entering through leaking AC systems, water pipes, and leaks in roofs and floors. Water sensors are indispensable to immediately detect and react to the threat.

To protect server racks with automated monitoring and alarming, CAS DataLoggers provides Accsense Wireless Data Loggers which continually monitor for humidity, temperature, and closure signals from water sensors (via digital inputs). T&D Data Loggers are also effective solutions, with Wireless Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers and Wireless Pulse Data Loggers reading water sensor voltage output. These systems form a complete monitoring system and trigger alarms in time to save vital equipment.

Accsense Wireless Server Room Monitoring Systems with Alarming

Accsense Wireless Server Room Monitoring Systems with Alarming

An Accsense system allows wireless data collection with the use of internal and external temperature sensors that are attached to Accsense data loggers, allowing for temperature monitoring in up to 16 separate locations.


  • Wireless and ethernet interface(s)
  • One system can support up to 16 temperature data loggers
  • Automatically sends email, sms text message, pager or phone alerts
  • Accsense also sends Power or Internet outage notifications
  • Continually monitor and log your data and view real-time data
  • Accsense remote monitoring systems can also monitor humidity, voltage, current, light, and vibration readings
  • Gain remote access to your data with online graphing, reporting and configuration features
  • Complies with FDA, Joint Commission, AABB, and other industry standards

TandD Wireless Server Room Monitoring Systems

TandD Wireless Server Room Monitoring Systems

TandD offers compact, water-proof temperature loggers for harsh environments; wireless temperature/humidity/voltage data loggers; temperature and humidity loggers with USB or Ethernet interfaces; voltage data logger, high accuracy temperature recorders; and micro web servers.


  • Japan's #1 manufacturer of temperature and humidity data logging systems
  • Compact & Water-proof temperature recorders for harsh environments
  • Automatically send data and alarms via cellular phone networks
  • Collect, manage and monitor your valuable data via wireless communication
  • Send recorded data and/or the current readings by e-mail or FTP

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