Lascar EL-USB-1 USB data logger for temperature

Our USB data loggers store data to a USB-compatible memory stick allowing easy transfer to a PC for analysis and archiving. This convenient capability lets you easily collect the data whenever the data logger's memory is full rather than having to check the readings every hour or day.

The Lascar EL-USB series is a family of low cost USB data loggers with different models for temperature, humidity and voltage. With a built-in USB interface, they provide a very inexpensive solution for basic data collection.

The dataTaker DT8x family of intelligent, universal input data loggers have a built-in slot for a USB memory stick to store and transfer data and programs to a PC. They provide a powerful solution for the most demanding data logging applications in industry, environmental projects, and research.

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Lascar USB Data Loggers

Lascar USB Data Loggers

Lascar USB loggers provide an inexpensive easy to use solution for stand-alone data recording. The built-in USB interface makes connection to a PC (not Mac compatible) for setup and downloading data a snap.

dataTaker Universal Input Data Loggers with USB Memory Stick

dataTaker Universal Input Data Loggers with USB Memory Stick

Intelligent data loggers offer unmatched flexibility and ease of use for demanding applications. Built-in slot for a USB memory stick to store and transfer data and programs to a PC.

TandD Data Loggers with USB Interface

TandD Data Loggers with USB Interface

TandD offers compact, water-proof temperature loggers for harsh environments; wireless temperature/humidity/voltage data loggers; temperature and humidity loggers with USB or Ethernet interfaces; voltage data logger, high accuracy temperature recorders; and micro web servers.


  • Japan's #1 manufacturer of temperature and humidity data logging systems
  • Compact & Water-proof temperature recorders for harsh environments
  • Automatically send data and alarms via cellular phone networks
  • Collect, manage and monitor your valuable data via wireless communication
  • Send recorded data and/or the current readings by e-mail or FTP

Delphin Expert Logger

Expert Logger

Expert Logger with USB Interface

  • Universal analog inputs (mV mA, TC, RTD)
  • Digital Inputs and Outputs
  • SDI12 Interfaces
  • 4GB Internal Data Storage
  • Independent operation possible with batteries or rechargeables
  • External data storage USB

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