At CAS Dataloggers we have one of the best selections of wireless data logging products you will find anywhere. Wireless systems are ideal when:

  • There are a number of distributed points that need to be measured
  • It is difficult or expensive to run wires from the measurement points back to a central location
  • The measurement points are on a moving object that prevents the use of wired sensors
  • Data needs to be collected and transmitted from a vehicle while it is in motion
  • Data and/or alarms need to be collected from a site that is difficult to access or does not offer regular internet connectivity.
Our loggers are available with several different types of inputs depending on your required temperature range and accuracy. They can also be combined with other wireless data loggers to log temperature, humidity, voltage, and other signals to provide a truly comprehensive remote monitoring system.

In the table below, we have summarized some of the measurement capabilities of the different products. However, many of the key features of any wireless system including things such as wireless range, update rate and cost are based on the wireless technology that is employed. The second table summarizes some of the important parameters associated with the different wireless communications technologies.

Our largest market for wireless systems is in healthcare related applications. Here, the wireless systems are very effective for temperature monitoring in refrigerators and freezers, storage areas, and incubators. We have installed hundreds of Accsense and TandD wireless systems in clinics, hospitals, laboratories and manufacturing facilities. They also provide a very cost-effective solution for medical monitoring in pharmacies, blood banks, and food storage areas, as well as warehouses and offices. In situations where the data needs to be validated, we offer optional CFR compliant software for several models that provides transparency and guaranteed data protection.

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Measurement Capabilities of Wireless Data Loggers

  Wireless Technology Temperature Humidity DC Voltage/Current AC Voltage/Current Environmental Vehicle Data
Accsense Zigbee x x x      
AEMC Bluetooth       x    
dataTaker Cellular x   x   x x
Eltek 900 Mhz Proprietary x x x   x  
Grant WiFi x   x      
Influx Cellular           x
Isodaq Cellular     x   x  
Lascar WiFi x x        
T&D 900 Mhz Propretary, WiFi, Cellular x x x      

Short range wireless data loggers

Zigbee and 900 MHz Short Range Wireless Data Logging Systems

Wireless data logging systems and standalone wireless data loggers. Both have the ability to transmit data wirelessly eliminating the need for any wires.

Cellular modem data loggers

Data Loggers with Integrated Cellular Modems

Highly sophisticated data loggers that collect and transmit data via cellular communication, and allow users to access and download their data remotely via the internet.

WiFi data loggers

WiFi Data Loggers

Data loggers with WiFi ethernet networking or wirelessly connect to PC via WiFi.

Bluetooth data loggers

Bluetooth Data Loggers

Data loggers with built-in Bluetooth communications allow easy access to your data via standard, short range wireless links.

Key Features of Different Wireless Communication Technologies

Wireless Technology Products Range Power Consumption Data Rate Live Monitoring Ease of Configuration Initial Cost Ongoing Cost
Bluetooth AEMC 5-30 Feet Low Moderate Yes Easy Very Low None
900 MHz T&D, Eltek, Madgetech 100-1000 Feet Very Low Low No Moderate Low None
Zigbee Accsense 30-300 Feet Low Low No Moderate Low None
Spread Spectrum Industrial Microhard radio modems Up to 20 Miles Moderate to High Moderate Yes Moderate High None
WiFi T&D, Lascar, Grant 50-100 Feet Moderate High Yes Easy Low None
Cellular dataTaker, iLOG, Influx, Isodaq, T&D Unlimited High Moderate-High Yes but can be expensive Moderate to Difficult Moderate Moderate
Satellite Hughes and SkyHawk satellite modems Unlimited High Low-Moderate No Moderate to Difficult High to Very High High

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