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This page provides links to application notes and other stories for our data logging and data acquisition systems.

Automotive Construction Data Acquisition & Control Energy Measurement
Equipment Monitoring Environmental Food & Agriculture Life Sciences
Oil and Gas Quality Assurance Research Water & Wastewater


This section features our collection of applications notes and case studies involving our selection of data loggers and data acquisition devices, used in a range of demanding projects. Check out the sophisticated capabilites and functionality of our devices here, including remote monitoring, wireless communication, alarming and messaging, real-time data acquisition, and more.


Automotive applications cover a broad range of projects including performance validation, engine manufacturing, fuel efficiency testing, emissions testing, fleet management, and many more. CAS Datalogger provides highly-accurate, sophisticated dataloggers and data acquisition devices for all these projects, no matter how demanding.


Common examples of construction applications include curing concrete, structural testing, temperature monitoring of building materials, vibration monitoring, and more. CAS Datalogger offers many durable and weatherproof datalogging solutions monitoring temperature, vibration, pressure, force, and more, along with vibrating wire strain gauge support.

Data Acquisition & Control

Data Acquisition and control applications range from SCADA system overview, test equipment, manufacturing equipment, research and development, all across many different industries including aerospace, automotive, steel manufacturing, robotics, and appliances.

Energy Measurement

Energy measurement applications include solar energy collection and heating systems, biogas conversion, utility usage, alternative fuel development, and many more. CAS Datalogger provides advanced data loggers with the precision you need to accurately measure temperature, AC and DC voltage and current, gauge pressure, and more.

Equipment Monitoring

Equipment monitoring applications comprise a wide variety of projects including testing cooling systems, monitoring power generation, turbine monitoring, and performance and design verification. We can provide you with intelligent dataloggers capable of automated monitoring for almost any physical value, featuring advanced reporting and alarm functionality.


CAS Datalogger offers a selection of specialized data logging systems supporting a wide range of sensors used in environmental monitoring to capture and record environmental data. Environmental applications include temperature, humidity, wind speed, barometric pressure, pollution monitoring, and measuring rainfall.

Food & Agriculture

Common applications in the food and agriculture industries include food processing, cold chain monitoring, quality assurance, monitoring pest control effectiveness, temperature and humidity profiling crops, wine growing, coffee brewing, and many more. We supply the suppliers with the most reliable selection of temperature and humidity dataloggers anywhere.

Life Sciences

Life sciences applications require continual monitoring of incredibly temperature- and time-sensitive materials, including blood, vaccines, tissue samples, new medicines and drugs, and more. Our signature Accsense wireless and wired dataloggers monitor refrigerators, freezers and cryostats 24/7 to safeguard these invaluable goods and provide advanced alarming and messaging.

Oil and Gas

Applications in the oil and natural gas industry include recovery and processing, monitoring temperature and pressure of steam and other factors in oil wells, water pressure, pumping efficiency, and more. CAS Dataloggers provides dataTaker loggers with universal input channels for a wide range of input signal types.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance testing encompasses a wide spectrum of applications and commonly includes temperature and humidity profiling for sensitive products, test bench applications, simulating pressure and strain conditions, and design and performance verification. For these needs, CAS DataLoggers offers you cost-effective datalogging and data acquisition solutions.


From intensive academic experiments to new product development in the pharmaceutical industry, research applications involve many different projects which also include test, training, and service applications in many fields and scientific disciplines. We can provide you with sophisticated data loggers and data acquisition devices from trusted manufacturers.

Water & Wastewater

Specialized data loggers for connection with flow meters, rain gauges, water level sensors, and weather stations. Designed for fast deployment at a low cost, these standalone solutions are weather-resistant for reliable operation under hostile conditions. Our real-time telemetry and early warning systems include GPRS data loggers to monitor remote sites.

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