Date Published: July 22, 2015
Application: Data Acquisition & Control
Manufacturer: Delphin Technology
Measurements: 4-20mA, Current, Digital, Resistance, RTD, Thermocouple, Voltage
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Professional Measurement Technology from Delphin

delphinDelphin Technology and CAS DataLoggers present an application with substantial business benefit from the field of process monitoring. Effective process overview is critical to avoiding downtime, ensuring product quality and alarm generation. If your application requires process monitoring, Delphin distributor CAS DataLoggers can provide you with the ideal Delphin data acquisition system. We’ll help you assess your needs and find the ideal data logger for your particular application.

Independent process monitoring:

Industrial processes must function smoothly to maximize productivity and to minimize downtimes. For continuous processes, downtimes often result in enormous extra costs. Effective process monitoring is essential to produce flawless products and to maintain the other high standards of quality you need.

Delphin's ProfiMessage and Expert devices are popular across the world for use in process monitoring tasks. Their combination of analog and digital inputs and their capability to acquire process data via PROFIBUS, ModBus and OPC make them ideal for these applications. Delphin devices can directly record and report limit value violations without the need for PC support. Limit value violations can also be portrayed in an alarm list. The data is permanently and securely recorded to a Delphin ProfiSignal database.

expert_loggerApplication features:

  • Independent acquisition and monitoring of an infinite number of channels
  • PROFIBUS, ModBus, and OPC interfaces
  • Alarm database with lists of alarms and events
  • Fault reporting via email, text messaging and switch outputs
  • DataService databases for continuous and/or batch recording

Practical example:

A manufacturer of piezo ceramics monitors its firing processes using Delphin Message devices and a ProfiSignal software application. Recording of the firing processes is triggered automatically for each oven and charge once temperatures exceed a limit value of 100°C (212°F). During each process, a three-part view is displayed showing the statuses for all ovens while also enabling immediate access to the detailed information of each individual oven. Users can also display an online trend for each firing process.

All data is archived to a server. Recording and monitoring stops as soon as temperatures drop below 90°C (194°F). Access to data on completed charges is available from any PC workstation.

Industrial applications:

  • Process monitoring and alarms for refineries
  • Process data acquisition in steel works
  • Monitoring of cool storage and warehousing for fruit and vegetables
  • Process data acquisition for testing facilities in chlorine gas production
  • BDE and consumption data acquisition from print machines
  • Automated oven and fire monitoring
  • Monitoring of welding parameters and soldering equipment
  • Acquisition and monitoring of wire drawing processes

Delphin data acquisition systems feature different analog and digital I/O modules that can be used with a wide range of signal types including: voltage; 4-20 mA current; thermocouple; RTD; and resistance. They also offer powerful alarm and programming capabilities allowing these instruments to process measurements and initiate actions completely independently.

Delphin systems can be used for local data acquisition and logging when connected to a PC; for remote unattended data collection connected the internet; or as stand-alone devices.

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Products Related To This Application

Delphin Technology TopMessage Data Logger/Data Acquisition System


TopMessage Data Acquisition and Control System

TopMessage systems are being used around the world in many different data logging, data acquisition and testing applications. They have been used successfully in the fields of process technology, test engineering, and research and development. TopMessage devices process any signal fast and reliably from just a few thermocouples right up to thousands of measurement points spread over several plant areas.

  • Modular and scalable
  • Universal inputs and outputs
  • High accuracy with up to 24-bit resolution
  • Can handle 30 analog inputs or 48 digital inputs
  • Connect up to 10 slave devices for extended functionality

Delphin Technology ProfiSignal Configuration and Analysis Software


ProfiSignal Go

ProfiSignal Go is a runtime system enabling measurement data to be displayed and analyzed in just three steps. The Go version is able to analyze large volumes of offline and online data.

  • Data acquisition and recording
  • Data analysis and calculations
  • Online and offline trends
  • Data export and print outs

Delphin Technology LogMessage LM4000 Data Logging System


LogMessage LM4000 High Isolation Data Logging System

The LogMessage 4000 has an overall sampling rate of up to 10,000 measurements per second and is ideally suited to monitoring functions. Any number of alarm and logic channels can be defined for the 8 analog inputs and 28 digital channels. Any of the 5 digital outputs can be switched irrespective of the current alarm situation.

  • 10000 Hz sampling rate
  • Analog inputs(mV, mA, thermocouple): 8
  • Analog inputs(mV, mA, thermocouple, RTD): none
  • Analog outputs(mA): 2
  • Digital inputs(counter):28 (2)
  • Digital outputs: 5

Delphin Technology ProfiSignal Configuration and Analysis Software


ProfiSignal Basic

ProfiSignal Basic, like ProfiSignal Klicks, is a developmental system for generating custom systems with visualization and trend functions.

  • Operating and observation
  • Process visualization
  • Report generation

Delphin Technology ProfiSignal Configuration and Analysis Software


ProfiSignal Klicks

ProfiSignal Klicks is software for test automation and the programming of control systems. Central to Klicks is the easy to learn and operate technique of programming by selection.

  • Automating test stands and process control systems
  • Automating evaluation and analysis functions
  • Generating parameter graphs
  • Selective frequency band evaluation

Delphin Technology ProfiMessage Modular Data Acquisition System


ProfiMessage Data Acquisition and Control System

ProfiMessage is a new generation of modular data acquisition systems for industrial process monitoring, test stand automation, fault isolation and vibration monitoring.

  • Industrial grade enclosure
  • 2 Slots for analog or digital input or output cards
  • Ethernet interface
  • CANbus for expansion modules
  • Screw terminal connections
  • Up to 16 GB of local memory
  • USB Master interface for USB stick memory
  • Two PROFIBUS interfaces
  • Four serial interfaces
  • Signal conditioning within device
  • Universal inputs and outputs
  • Extended functions / software channels

Delphin Expert Logger

Expert Logger

Expert Logger

  • Universal analog inputs (mV mA, TC, RTD)
  • Digital Inputs and Outputs
  • SDI12 Interfaces
  • 4GB Internal Data Storage
  • Independent operation possible with batteries or rechargeables
  • External data storage USB