Date Published: January 31, 2013
Application: General News
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Solutions for Temperature Monitoring, DAQ Systems and More!

CAS DataLoggers is pleased to introduce a dynamic new page design to our blogs which can be found under the News and Blogs dropdowns from our homepage at We’ve added neat backgrounds, updated our Resources section and added White Papers, Technical Articles and Applications Notes links to the right of each page. Throughout the articles are several links leading you to individual product pages with detailed information on specifications, software, and accessories. Check out the advanced capabilities and functionality of all our products offering remote monitoring, wireless data collection, automated alarms/messages, high-speed data acquisition, and more.

We’ve also added a new cloud tag section to each blog, clustered on the right. This makes it even easier for our visitors to search for an application or manufacturer by clicking on the tags they’re interested in—for example you can learn more about ‘data acquisition’ or choose to go straight to Delphin or ADwin DAQ systems.

Learn about the benefits and specifications for our broad selection of data loggers and real time data acquisition systems. Record your data at high accuracy and fast sample rates, setup alarms via text, email and phone alerts, and analyze real-time data from many different sensor types. Our blogs are all updated several times a week and are a great resource for any business or organization looking to record temperature, humidity, voltage/current, or just about anything!

  • Our Datalogger Inc. Blog highlights the latest news and information on data loggers and data recording equipment. General datalogging applications include remote data transfer, machine monitoring, product tracking and more. To fit your project and budget, we offer datalogging solutions from bestselling manufacturers including dataTaker, Grant Instruments, Electrocorder and many others.
  • Our Data Acquisition Blog shows you the latest devices and modules for our real-time DAQ & control systems. Common projects requiring the speed of these sophisticated systems include vibration monitoring, test benches, quality assurance, and more. Here’s where you’ll learn more about our highly efficient solutions from ADwin, Delphin, Novus, and more.
  • Our Temperature Monitoring Blog has the latest news on temperature monitoring data loggers and temperature data recording equipment. Typical cold chain and life science temp monitoring applications include fridge and freezer monitoring, medical storage, food processing and more. We stock data loggers from Accsense VersaLog, T&D, Lascar, and other manufacturers to monitor and alarm your product and document your best practices to show proof of regulatory compliance.

You’ll find that it’s easiest to make your initial purchase by first speaking to one of our experienced Applications Specialists. You can also use our popular ‘Live Support’ chat feature on the homepage makes it even easier for you to find the right data logger. Anytime from 8am-6pm EST (8-5 Fridays), just click on the green button located at the left of the homepage to open a live chat with an experienced Applications Specialist who can quickly guide you to a broad range of our data loggers and data acquisition systems. Outside of these hours, just leave a message with a phone number and email to receive a prompt reply to all your questions.