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CAS DataLoggers and T&D Add Read-Only Upgrade to Webstorage Service

Date Published: December 17, 2012
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Affordable Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers Keep Your Data Secure

CAS DataLoggers and T&D announce a new upgrade to T&D wireless dataloggers adding read-only permission to T&D’s popular WebStorage Service, allowing an administrator to add users on a read-only basis. This will make your critical healthcare, research and life science data even more secure in line with privacy regulations. These portable, lightweight data loggers see common use to record temperature, humidity, current/voltage, and many other critical values and are now available in wireless, USB, and Ethernet models.

This new upgrade adds a much-requested feature from customers in hospitals and pharmacies with several users within their organization who need to be able to view data but not the ability to change any settings or delete data.

Additionally, T&D’s FREE WebStorage Service now fully supports the new series of Network-Connected Temperature and Humidity Dataloggers.  This service gives you instant online access to all your logged data for monitoring, saving, analyzing, printing, and more. You can also enable multiple users to simultaneously view, share and use data across distances for efficient data transparency and organization. WebStorage also lets you keep track of your data using your mobile device to view your data from anywhere at any time.

Our new network dataloggers feature a built-in function enabling Internet connection (such as a LAN network) to automatically upload and display all your data on the Web, saving you time and trouble. These temperature and humidity monitors are ideal for remote monitoring in distant buildings, collecting environmental data in plants and businesses using a Wireless LAN, and server storage room maintenance. Another quick option is provided by the loggers’ USB connection which enables wired and wireless LAN settings to be made directly from your PC. CAS DataLoggers now offers these devices at an economical price which includes sensors, cables and software.

Several different loggers are available including networked wireless WiFi models. These portable monitors automatically send their recorded data and current readings to you over FTP or email without needing a PC. They also send out warning emails over the Internet or LAN network the moment your values go out of specification. Warning report mails can be sent when an upper and/or lower limits have been exceeded, when a sensor error has occurred, or to show a recovery from one of the preset warning conditions. You can also hook up an alarm buzzer, siren, etc. using the logger’s external contact output terminal.

FREE graph software is also available to give you instant management and analysis of logged data. T&D Graph allows you to read larger numbers of recorded data files into the same graph, merge the data, view and save data in many formats including CSV for use with common spreadsheet software like Excel.

More improvements will be coming soon to our new data loggers, so check out our website at!

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