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Environmental Monitoring for Museum Curation

A Data Logger is an ideal device to record environmental data in museums. This white paper covers the basics of environmental monitoring and how it helps curators to protect their collections.

Four Common Sources of Inaccuracy in Sensor Measurements

Connecting a sensor such as a thermocouple to a data acquisition device to obtain accurate measurements involves some forethought. Understanding these factors is crucial to obtaining meaningful measurements. This White Paper from CAS DataLoggers addresses four measurement accuracy issues in the order of most to least common.

Examining Grounds When Making 4-20mA Current Loop Measurements

4-20 mA (milliamp) measurements are common in many industrial applications, including process monitoring and machine condition monitoring. In our latest White Paper, CAS DataLoggers covers the basics of 4-20mA current loop measurements in an industrial setting.

What Are Solid-State Temperature Sensors?

Temperature measurements are among the most common data logging applications found across a broad variety of industries including cold chains, medical monitoring, and more. In our latest White Paper, CAS DataLoggers covers the basics of solid-state temperature sensors and how they might benefit your application.

Basic Techniques of Vibration Measurement and Diagnosis

Vibration monitoring is a major machine monitoring application with a focus on fault diagnosis, one with a significant area for savings. CAS DataLoggers outlines the basic techniques and software features of vibration measurement.

Self-Calibrate Your Thermistors for Higher Accuracy

Technicians and engineers often use thermistors to log temperature in applications which require increased accuracy for more demanding projects. To accomplish this, they use the Steinhart–Hart equation to convert a thermistor sensor’s resistance to temperature.

What Is Power Factor and How Does it Affect Your Utility Bill?

This white paper explains power factor and how to correct your PF for substantial savings and greater equipment efficiency.

How You Can Use BTU Measurements to Document Energy Efficiency

BTUs are a widely-used metric for energy production and in solar HVAC system financing. BTU data can represent significant savings. In our latest White Paper, CAS DataLoggers outlines the definition, measurement and benefits of BTUs.

How to Cut Energy Costs Using a Datalogger

If you’re a facilities technician or engineer, you can use a data logger (aka data acquisition system) to identify energy savings areas. These devices can measure and record many different values including current, voltage etc. In this latest White Paper, CAS DataLoggers outlines the basics of how datalogger users can monitor energy usage as part of an energy audit.

How to Select the Ideal Portable DAQ System

Portable data acquisition systems are convenient solutions used to log data and monitor temperature and other values in industrial and laboratory applications. In this latest CAS DataLoggers White Paper, we examine the key factors to consider when deciding on a DAQ system for your specific application.

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