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Applications: Universal Input Data Loggers

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Monitoring a Dam Under Construction

Published on January 4, 2017

Manufacturer: dataTaker

A hydroelectric dam under construction required monitoring of several environmental and structural properties to ensure its stability. Construction engineers needed a large number of geotechnical sensors to be installed and used during construction. Each sensor needed to interface with a universal data logger as part of a long-term logging solution.

Versatile Data Logger Captures Data for Device Validation

Published on October 12, 2016

Manufacturer: dataTaker

Whether startups or large manufacturers, companies have come to rely on data capture for device validation and proof of scale for prototype devices. Datataker Universal dataloggers can capture almost any measurement value, making them ideal for performance monitoring and device component monitoring.

Tracking Environmental Conditions of Livestock Barns

Published on September 6, 2016

Manufacturer: dataTaker
Measurements: Temperature

Excessive heat and humidity are one of the largest risks to livestock health, causing heat stress and loss of appetite. However, many suppliers are turning to technological advances to get an early warning of unsafe conditions. At CAS DataLoggers we provide environmental dataloggers which can send alarms in case of dangerous conditions.

How to Collect Energy Data Compliant to EN50001

Published on April 25, 2016

Manufacturer: Delphin Technology
Measurements: 4-20mA, Air Pressure, Ambient Temperature, Consumption, Current, Flow, Pressure, Pulse, Resistance, RPM, RTD, Runtime, Serial, Temperature, Thermocouple, Universal, Voltage

The EN50001 standard requires high energy-consuming industries to implement energy-saving measures by performing an energy audit. Energy consumption data therefore requires users to record data, which can be performed using Delphin Message series data loggers.

Monitoring Thermal Dispersion of Buried Cables

Published on January 25, 2016

Manufacturer: Next Industries
Measurements: 4-20mA, Ambient Temperature, Humidity, Moisture, Temperature, Universal

Recently CAS DataLoggers configured a standalone monitoring system to record thermal dispersion of medium-voltage buried cables using an OMNIAlog data logger from Next Industries. This system has been configured to log temperatures, soil moisture, and current at a 5-foot depth.

Industrial Temperature Dataloggers Connect to PLCs and Equipment

Published on January 13, 2016

Manufacturer: TandD
Measurements: Ambient Temperature, Digital, RTD, Serial, Temperature, Thermistor, Thermocouple, Universal

Do you need to monitor the temperature of industrial equipment or of an industrial process? At CAS DataLoggers we’ve put together this quick guide exploring some of the wireless capabilities of our industrial data loggers.

Data Logger Monitors Innovative Solar Energy System

Published on August 20, 2015

Manufacturer: dataTaker
Measurements: Ambient Temperature, Position, Pressure, Solar Radiation, Temperature, Thermocouple, Universal

CAS DataLoggers provided the device and environmental monitoring solution for Sulas Industries, a solar energy startup that has patented an innovative passive solar tracking device that works without using any motors, gears or electronics.

Monitor Your Process Independently of a PC!

Published on July 22, 2015

Manufacturer: Delphin Technology
Measurements: 4-20mA, Current, Digital, Resistance, RTD, Thermocouple, Voltage

Delphin Technology and CAS DataLoggers present an application with substantial business benefit from the field of process monitoring. Effective process overview is critical to avoiding downtime, ensuring product quality and alarm generation.

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