Remote Monitoring Solution

Ibexis data loggers eliminate the complexity and cost of collecting real-time data from remote field based sensors, instruments and control systems. They combine the small size and ease of installation of a data logger with the features of a highly sophisticated Remote Telemetry Unit (RTU). The Ibexis MSP solution also includes a data services and web applications for configuration, analysis and reporting. The MSP can be remotely configured from the Ibexis website where both live and historic sensor data can be viewed. Secure web based applications include tabular and graphical data, charting, maps, SMS and email alerting tools. There are also facilities for data export in a variety of formats including CSV, Excel and XML.


  • Remote Monitoring Solution
  • Real-time Data Collection
  • Analog, Digital and Serial Channels
  • Built-in GSM Modem
  • Internal re-chargeable lithium battery
  • Two sizes to choose from

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