Next Industries designs and manufactures high accuracy data acquisition devices that are easy to install with remote connection and management. Features include universal input channels that can be used with a wide range of input signal types and alarm capabilities.

OMNIALog NI-816 Universal Input Data Logger


NI-816 OMNIAlog 16 Channel Universal Input Data Logger

The OMNIAlog NI-816 is a smart datalogger that provides an extensive array of features that allow it to be used across a wide variety of applications.

  • 8/16 differential analog channels
  • Expandable up to 384 channels
  • Available Measures: mV, mA, mV/V, PT100, NTC
  • Ethernet, RS485, RS232 and USB connections
  • Measurement Accuracy: 0.01%
  • 2 GB Internal Memory

OMNIAlog NI-480 8 channel data logger


NI-480 OMNIALog 8 Channel Data Logger

  • 4/8 differential analog input
  • Measures Temperature, Voltage and Current
  • 0.01% range of measurement accuracy
  • 2 GB Internal Memory
  • On Board Display
  • Internal Humidity and Temperature Sensor

NI-400 miniOMNIALog 4 Channel Data Logger


NI-400 miniOMNIALog 4 Channel Data Logger

  • Measures: mV, mA, mV/V, NTC, Thermocouple
  • 2 GB internal memory and real time data
  • 0.05% F.S. Accuracy
  • Available GPRS version
  • 4 differential analog channels
  • Offers a virtual channel
  • Electromechanical relays for each measuring channel
  • 2 USB connections
  • IP67 rated

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