Every day the world's most respected brands, small businesses, non-profits, and industries depend on our products to make their businesses run smoothly. Ensuring a high level of satisfaction among our customers is a core component of our business.

Some of our customers include:

  • A.O. Smith Corporation
  • Boeing
  • Briggs & Stratton
  • Cirque du Soleil
  • Custom Systems & Controls, Inc.
  • Dagwoods
  • Eppendorf
  • Fracture Technology
  • GSI Grain Storage
  • NASA Kennedy Space Center
  • Ojai Sulcata Project Inc.
  • Osage Energies
  • Reynolds Community College
  • Saint Louis Art Museum
  • Southern Wine and Spirits of America, Inc.
  • Superior Graphite
  • W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.
  • Wells-Lamont Industry Group


"We use the Accsense monitor for our 1.5 yr-old –80 Thermo Scientific and are very reassured to have it! Out freezer has an internal monitor but if there is a problem when no one is in the lab it is a relief to know that you will alert us. I also appreciate the fact that you maintain our temperature parameters and a list of persons to be called in the event of an emergency. We also used the Accsense monitor for our previous freezer. We have no complaints and would recommend the Accsense monitor." - Yale School of Medicine

"When you're planning a new process, you know you need to gather enough data: all the information benefits your company in a multitude of ways. The dataTaker plays a key role in our validation process, collecting information on our solar process and giving us hard data for our proof of scale. The DT85 monitors every environmental parameter we're interested in, and the software is easy to get the hang of. We're considering sourcing another dataTaker in the near future, maybe another DT85 if we need the high channel count." - Fin Doyle, Founder and Owner of Sulas Industries, Silverthorne, Colorado

"Accsense is truly saving our specimens and research opportunities." - P. Anthony, USC

"I am impressed with your service and look forward to finding other products from you." - Gary Bogle, Golden West Electric, Covina CA

"I am very happy that we finally picked up the DT80 and DT80m Datatakers, they have helped us to refine our focus to see so many more aspects of our test equipments performance... and getting better all the time. We do have questions on occasion, and in those instances Brent Irwin has been a terrific source for solving problems, and a great representative of your product and company. Everyone likes the innovative new technologies but that doesn't mean much without prompt, knowledgeable, personable support, thank you for giving us the full package." - Kendall B.

"The biggest benefit is peace of mind--that's for sure. When a few of my fridges were failing, we knew we had to have something reliable to cover us the next time. I definitely have peace of mind now, and now I can also show our good practices for the health department." - Benoit Cornet, Executive Chef for Southern Wine and Spirits of America, Inc., Las Vegas branch --our Press Release on our T&D Wireless Temperature Data Loggers

"The software's extremely easy to walk through for configuration and looking at the voltage data. Currently I'm renting it out to our customer so it's already earning its keep. I'm very impressed with its speed and I plan on picking up the current/voltage model next. As a professional electronic technician who appreciates great test gear, I can say that this logger will be a great tool in my quiver." - Lu Green, Owner of Osage Energies --our Energy Measurement Apps Note on our Accsense Electrocorder Single and 3-Phase Voltage Logger

"The dataTaker gives us a large feature set. We like the DT80--it is very cost-effective given all its features. The free support helped me get off the ground really quickly, and after taking some time with the graphical interface, it's become easy to work with." - Vin Calio, Project Manager with Custom Systems & Controls, Inc --our Construction Apps Note on the dataTaker DT80

"The dEX interface is easy to pick up, and CAS DataLoggers was there to help with online training sessions for setup and programming. With the dataTaker, we're getting the real nitty-gritty in a fraction of the time - this system is our new productivity indicator. It's doing the job quite well, and we expect a long-term productivity boost." - Johnnie Brown, IT & IE Technician with the Wells-Lamont Industry Group, Philadelphia, Mississippi factory --our Equipment Monitoring Apps Note on our dataTaker DT85 data logger

"The user interface is very user-friendly, the programming and software to change your channels is simplified, you can leave the information in memory, and CAS customer service support was very helpful to get us up and running with the datalogger. It was certainly cost-effective for the information we needed. If you know a little about the logger, you can pick it up easily, and there were many ways to store and download the data." - Charles Ogbourn, Product Engineer with GSI Grain Storage --our Equipment Monitoring Apps Note on the Novus FieldLogger