RTR-500GSM Wireless Data Logger Cellular Base Station

TandD RTR-500GSM Cellular Base Station

Product Overview

  • Built in GSM Modem for Wireless Communication
  • Links wirelessly to RTR-500 Series data loggers for downloading data
  • Includes software for automated download and alarm monitoring
  • Email or SMS alarm messaging
  • External alarm contacts
  • Battery and external DC power input
  • Supports external GPS receiver for location tracking

The RTR-500GSM is a Mobile Base Station which can carry out wireless communication and is equipped with GSM phone network capabilities. It can be used as a Base Unit for our newest RTR-500 Wireless Data Logger Series* and if within in communication range for GSM cellular phone service it can be used for transmitting data and warnings from the mountains, on the sea or for any other out of the way places; perfect for tracking data while in transport. When a measurement exceeds an upper or lower limit and has been judged by the RTR-500GSM to qualify as a warning; a warning report can be sent via e-mail or SMS to specified e-mail address enabling the user to always stay in the know about changes in measurement readings.

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TandD RTR-500GSM Wireless Data Logger Cellular Base Station