RTR-505-TC Wireless Thermocouple Data Logger

Supports Thermocouple Sensor Types: K, J, T, S

Product Overview

  • Cold Junction Compensation
  • Module temperature at 10 to 40°C: ±0.3°, At other temp:0.5°C
  • Thermocouple Measurement
  • Type K,J,T: ± 0.3% of reading
  • Type S: ±1°C + 0.3% of reading
  • Storage: 16,000 readings
  • LCD Display
  • Battery Life: About 10 Months
  • Battery Life (L Model): About 4 Years
  • Wireless communication of 150 meters unobstructed

RTR-505-TC is a type of Data Logger supplied with the Input Module which supports the following types of thermocouple sensors: K, J, T, and S. It is possible to measure and record temperature in a range of -199 to 1700°C.

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TandD RTR-505-TC Wireless Thermocouple Data Logger with Large Logging Capacity