RTR-574 Wireless Light/Humidity/Temperature Data Logger

Accumulating Light, Humidity and Temperature Data Logger

Product Overview

  • Records luminence, UV, temperature and humidity
  • Luminosity range 0 -130k lx
  • UV range 0 - 30 mw/cm2
  • Internal exposure accumulation
  • Cosine corrected readings
  • Temperature measuring range: -0°C to 55°C
  • Humidity measuring range: 10% to 95% RH
  • External sensors included
  • Wireless interface - compatible with 500 Series data collectors
  • 8,000 point/channel memory
  • Multifunction display

The RTR-574 includes two sensors that simultaneously measure and record illuminance / UV intensity and temperature / humidity. This Data Logger allows for the measuring and recording of the above items in various places such as facilities where people gather, where important documents and fine arts are being stored or displayed, where food and drink is being stored. Also, cumulative illuminance and the cumulative amount of UV light can be easily viewed even without stopping recording.

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TandD RTR-574 Wireless Light/Humidity/Temperature Data Logger