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CAS Dataloggers has the most comprehensive selection of data logging equipment available anywhere. Our data loggers are used in a wide variety of applications in remote monitoring, in industrial process and manufacturing industries, for automotive and aerospace data collection, in pharmaceutical manufacturing and storage, and in geological and environmental monitoring. Simply hover over an application to view a brief description or select from the drop down list to find out more information.

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Data Logger
Selection Guides

The number of available options when choosing your data logger can be overwhelming, that's why we created resources on how to select the right data logger.

Data Logger Selection Guides
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We offer sophisticated datalogging solutions expressly designed for your automotive and vehicle monitoring applications including emissions monitoring, engine performance validation, and diagnostics for many other projects.


If you need to capture and record environmental data, CAS DataLoggers has a large selection of data logging systems to satisfy a wide range of needs.

High Speed Data Loggers

We have high speed data loggers and data acquisition systems that can capture dynamic signals such as pressure transients, dynamic force strain and acceleration, and other rapidly changing signals or transients.


Monitor and record temperature sensitive food and produce products through transportation and storage.


CAS DataLoggers offers wired and wireless data loggers to monitor refrigerators, freezers and cryostats used in medical and pharmaceutical applications.


We offer several different oven temperature profiling systems from 1 to 6 channels to gather temperature data to help optimize processes and minimize costs for baking, powder coat curing, and other process ovens.


If you need a portable data logger for measurements in the field, laboratory or factory floor, we have several models that are perfect for these applications. They can measure many common parameters such as temperature, humidity, voltage, current, pressure and force.

Server Room Monitoring

Protect server racks with automated monitoring and alarming systems.

Temperature Monitoring

CAS DataLoggers offers the best selection of temperature monitoring equipment, featuring models from over 12 manufacturers, giving you the flexibility and extensive functionality you need along with advanced communication options.

Cold Chain / Transport

In-transit temperature monitoring solutions feature alarming and reporting capabilities, and GSM cellular technology. Access your data while its on the go and save yourself the hassle of having to manually monitor temperature for your perishable goods.


CAS DataLoggers offers several different models of USB data loggers that store data to a USB-compatible memory stick allowing easy transfer to a PC for analysis and archiving.


CAS DataLoggers offers compact and portable data logging systems which feature universal inputs to connect with a wide range of weather sensors to capture and record environmental data in applications such as pollution monitoring, measuring rainfall, and more.

Wind Speed

CAS DataLoggers provides a selection of specialized data loggers and data acquisition systems connecting to a wide range of environmental sensors to capture and record wind-related data.


We offer several models of wireless temperature data logging systems for applications where it's difficult, impractical or expensive to maintain a wired connection between the data logger and the host computer.

Alternative Energy

We have a number of data loggers that are suitable for alternative energy applications. We have simple data loggers that can be used to monitor wind speed for site surveys, and complete systems to monitor large commercial PV arrays.

Vibrating Wire - Geologgers

Geologgers provide support for vibrating wire strain gauges and other geological sensors. We provide dataTaker geologgers to monitor dams, bridges, retaining walls, tunnels and other geotechnical applications.

Refrigerator / Freezer

Freezer and Refrigerator monitoring systems with alarming.

Data Acquisition

Data Acquisition and control applications range from SCADA system overview, test equipment, manufacturing equipment, research and development, all across many different industries including aerospace, automotive, steel manufacturing, robotics, and appliances.

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