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Effective sterility assurance in cleanrooms and other isolated areas requires users to Monitor, Alarm and Validate data as the three critical tenets of a comprehensive environmental monitoring plan.

Isolated areas require both air and surface monitoring to achieve sterilization. However a major source of contamination in labs is caused by personnel taking frequent manual measurements.

If you need a reliable system for a cleanroom monitoring application such as a product fill cleanroom or a surgical theater, an environmental monitoring system can handle all your monitoring, data storage, alarm, data trending, and documentation needs.

Our automated systems give personnel time to take remedial action before product quality and/or environmental sterility are threatened. For instant notification, these environmental monitoring systems feature wireless communication, giving users the ability to remotely receive alarms and to monitor data in real-time.

Full regulatory compliance with patient privacy and electronic documentation standards is possible using all the advanced archival and documentation capabilities available with system software.

Cleanroom monitoring systems are available in configurations with anywhere from one to hundreds of inputs. This makes them ideal to monitor filling machine cleanrooms, product fill cleanrooms, test sample incubation, non-sterile manufacturing, and many other applications.