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Data Recorders for All Types of Applications

data recordersIf you need Data Recorders to record temperature, voltage, current or almost any other parameter you have come to the right place. CAS DataLoggers has the most comprehensive selection of data recorders you will find anywhere. Our data recorders are used in a wide variety of applications in remote monitoring, industrial process and manufacturing, automotive and aerospace data collection, life sciences and geological and environmental monitoring. We have everything from simple temperature recorders like the Lascar EL-USB-1 to high-performance high-speed transient recorders like the Delphin Expert Transient (16 Channels) and everything in between.

We offer 2 main styles of data recorders, units dedicated input types designed to record a specific parameter such as temperature, humidity, DC voltage, etc. and universal input models that can be configured to measure a range of different sensor types. Within these 2 broad categories of recorders, there are dozens of models with different features and capabilities for different kinds of applications. Our sales engineers are trained to guide you through the selection process by asking the right questions including:
data recorders

  • What types of inputs are required?
  • How many inputs are required?
  • How often does the input need to be sampled?
  • How much data has to be stored in the datalogger?
  • Is alarming required if the measurements are out of range?

data recordersAnother important criteria in selecting a recorder is the price. We offer data loggers in all price ranges starting with units like the Switrace IPST8 temperature recorder which is less than $30 to the Delphin Expert Logger 300 which costs over $6,000. We strive to understand your needs and to provide you with the product with the Best Value to meet those needs. While we may not offer the least expensive data recorders on the market we do offer the best combination of Quality, Reliability, Accuracy, and Price.

On the page below, you will find a selection of our data loggers organized by the type of measurement they are used for.

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