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One of our largest markets is providing data loggers for monitoring various industrial equipment and industrial processes. With one of the best selection of products that you will find anywhere, we can monitor virtually any type of parameter including temperature, pressure, flow, pH, voltage or current.

industrial data loggersOur industrial data loggers are ideal for a wide variety of applications including process monitoring, temperature profiling, fault identification, process documentation, research and development and energy monitoring.

Broadly speaking, our products can be divided into 2 categories; single input type data loggers that are designed to measure one specific parameter such as temperature or voltage, and universal input loggers with the flexibility to monitor multiple signal types simultaneously. Single input type loggers are available with one to 8 channels and are ideal for smaller applications where cost is a concern. Universal input loggers are available in configurations up to 100’s of input channels. Combined with their ability to measure monitor multiple signal types, they can be used to record data from multiple points on a piece of equipment or within a process.

Rugged and reliable, these intelligent data loggers offer a host of features for configuration, communications, data capture and data analysis. For example, some of our loggers have communications ports such as Modbus, CAN or Profibus that allows them to be easily interfaced to other equipment such as PLC’s, HMI’s or other intelligent sensors.


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