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Whether you’re in industrial manufacturing, biomedical storage, pharmaceuticals or another industry, you can keep all your laboratory samples safe from temperature excursions with our wireless data loggers. Connected to storage refrigerators and freezers, our dataloggers are equipped with automated alarms to immediately inform staff in the form of emails and text messages sent to mobile devices.

These remote monitoring systems archive highly-accurate data enabling you to meet industry standards and to show proof to regulators. Our systems monitor temperature, ambient temperature, humidity, and other typical lab parameters. Many models can also connect to liquid nitrogen chambers to monitor ultralow specimens and samples.

Automated Monitoring Benefits:

  • Real-time alarms help protect your processes and samples, avoiding costly losses
  • Measure all the common lab values: temperature, humidity, open/close door state, light, etc.
  • Turnkey operation systems are up and running in 5 minutes
  • Web-based software requires little to no IT Dept. involvement
  • Meet FDA and JCAHO regulatory compliance
  • Automated systems save you time by sending data–no more manual charts and logs

Streamline your laboratory process today with these innovative datalogging products.