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Data Loggers for Body CoolersCAS Dataloggers offers several solutions to monitor, track and send alarm notifications about temperatures in body storage coolers and facilities.

Our Accsense automated temperature monitoring systems provide single and multipoint monitoring in both wired (LAN) and wireless versions. The system provides voice, email or SMS alarm notifications on change in temperature or a power outage.

The Lab Team Leader explained why Euclid Hospital chose Accsense for the project: “Accsense is very convenient for our remote monitoring needs; in case anything goes wrong in the basement, I’ve always got the alarm on my phone. All the alarming capabilities are great–we don’t have to constantly go down to the basement to check on the cooler anymore.”

The Brainchild Paperless Chart Recorders provide an electronic replacement to traditional chart recorders. They offer an immediate visual display of measured parameters via a build in graphical LCD display and record data to a non-volatile flash memory card. Limits can be set to trigger local alarms or emails (via a PC with the Real-Time Viewer) whenever values are outside of specifications within the coolers.