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For Energy Monitoring, Usage Studies & More

With our power and energy data loggers and power quality analyzers, users can measure efficiency in buildings and systems (as well as energy audits) by using power factoring to find potential savings, verify reliability of electrical machinery, track sub-billing occupants for energy costs, etc.

Our Electrocorder power consumption data loggers offer users fast sampling onto a large memory and include free power analyzer software and accessories.

Our AEMC power data loggers measure, store and analyze your energy data every second to give you a highly accurate view. AEMC Clamp-On Power Data Loggers measure TRMS voltage and current, and both models measure single- and three- phase power, voltage frequency, and current frequency. AEMC data loggers also include FREE software.

AEMC’s PowerPad and PowerPad III Power models are excellent for measuring and recording power system quality (kW, VA, VAR) and performing energy metering (kVAh, VARh, kWh). These Power Quality Analyzers are available in single or three phase models which are easy to use, compact and shock-resistant.

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