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CAS Dataloggers has deployed dozens of remote monitoring systems for applications where access to the instrument is considered difficult at best. Some examples include, transit buses, police cars, snow grooming machines, remote mountain sites and wind turbine towers. We offer a variety of different data loggers which incorporate cellular modems for remote monitoring applications where:

  • The site lacks a wired Internet infrastructure
  • Physical access to the site is difficult or inconvenient
  • The data must be collected from mobile equipment such as vehicles, trains or goods in transit.

Using GSM technology, these systems allow downloading stored data, viewing live data and remote configuration from any site that has cellular coverage. Additional capabilities include SMS and email alarms for notification of faults and automatic data upload via FTP.

We can also package many of our standard data loggers with cell modems including GSM and CDMA versions that support most common carrier networks to fit specific application requirements.