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If you need to capture and record data from devices with serial interfaces (RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485), CAS DataLoggers has several solutions to meet your needs.

We offer several serial data recorders, from Acumen, dataTaker and Delphin. The Acumen SDR2-CF2 provides an inexpensive solution for basic recording of ASCII RS-232 serial data to a removable Compact Flash card. If you need to capture RS-422/485 or Modbus signals or need to measure analog and/or digital data while gathering serial data at the same time, the dataTaker DT8x family of universal input recorders is one of the most flexible stand-alone systems available.Likewise, the Delphin Expert and ProfiMessage familes provide high performance recording of analog and digital signals along with multiple RS-232/485 ports for serial data streams.