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There are many factors that you should consider when selecting a device for temperature monitoring including:

  • How often do I need to take a measurement?
  • How much data do I need to store?
  • Do I need a real-time display?
  • Do I need an alarm either locally or remotely?
  • How will I connect to view or retrieve the data?
  • Do I have any regulatory requirements for this application?

Our sales engineers know the right questions to ask to be sure that the temperature monitoring system you end up selecting meets the needs of your application. We also understand that cost is important and we can offer you competitive pricing along with value that goes beyond just price. We are experts; not only can we provide the measurement system, we can help you select the correct sensors and we provide support, repair and calibration services that you can’t get from a catalog house. Give us a call at 800-956-4437.