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Lascar EL-GFX-TC USB connector being fitted into the data logger

Our USB data loggers store data to a USB-compatible memory stick allowing easy transfer to a PC for analysis and archiving. This convenient capability lets you easily collect the data whenever the data logger’s memory is full rather than having to check the readings every hour or day.

LASCAR Electronic Stand-Alone USB Data Loggers

The Lascar EL-USB series is a family of low cost USB data loggers with different models for temperature, humidity and voltage. With a built-in USB interface, they provide a very inexpensive solution for basic data collection.

dataTaker Intelligent Universal Data Loggers

The dataTaker DT8x family of intelligent, universal input data loggers have a built-in slot for a USB memory stick to store and transfer data and programs to a PC. They provide a powerful solution for the most demanding data logging applications in industry, environmental projects, and research.

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