7 Ways a Data Logger Can Save You Money

Every day we talk with dozens of customers to help them find the right data logger for their project. One of the first questions we ask is “Why are you buying a data logger?” Our goal is to understand the problem they are trying to solve or the reason they are looking for a logger. … Continued

Data Logging vs Monitoring

As one of the largest US distributors of data logging and monitoring equipment, we receive hundreds of calls every year from users looking to put new systems in place. One of the first questions we ask is if “are looking for a monitoring system or data logging system?” And, it’s surprising how often they are … Continued

Part II: How Fast of a Sample Rate Does Your Data Logger Need?

Part I of “How Fast of a Sample Rate Does Your Data Logger Need?” discussed why you are datalogging and the factors you should consider when determining the appropriate sample rate. How Does Sample Rate Impact the Data Logger? The maximum required sample rate impacts several key areas in the design and operation of data … Continued

Part I: How Fast Of a Sample Rate Does Your Data Logger Need?

We often receive requests for data logging systems that can sample the inputs 100’s or 1000’s of times a second. And while we offer several different systems that can provide kHz sample rates, we often try to get a better understanding of the application to see if this is really necessary. As you increase the … Continued

3 Important Factors for Choosing a pH Data Logger

Common Issues and Recommended Solutions with a pH Data Logger pH Measurement is very common in industrial processes, plating, wastewater treatment, and environmental monitoring. Using a pH data logger to record pH provides information on long-term trends and the impact of various factors along with providing information for quality control, compliance reporting, and alarming. However, to … Continued