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High performance real-time systems are ideal for applications where traditional test systems or programmable controllers are not suitable. With hard, real-time operation and sub-microsecond response times, these systems are used in data acquisition, test and control applications where predictable and reliable operation is mandatory.

ProfiMessage systems are modular devices for data acquisition and automation. A master/slave design makes ProfiMessage suitable for both small and large applications that require the processing of thousands of channels.

ADwin systems utilize a dedicated real-time processor, closely coupled to the analog and digital inputs and outputs to provide deterministic operation. We have models with 8 to over 400 analog input channels, analog output channels, digital inputs and outputs, counters, RS-232, RS-485, CANbus and Profibus interfaces.

Data acquisition and control systems are used around the world in applications such as closed-loop controllers, signal generators, test stands, measurement equipment, machine control, beam deflection, production systems, microscopes, quality test equipment and process controls.