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Process Monitoring and Control Systems provide cost-effective solutions for industrial, clean room, environmental testing, and energy monitoring applications.

Benefits of Process Monitoring and Control Systems:

delphin process downtime - Process Monitoring and ControlThese devices provide a number of functions designed to simplify process monitoring and control:

  • Acquiring high accuracy measurements from a wide variety of sensors
  • Digital and analog outputs for controlling other equipment
  • Connection to other equipment via industry standard interfaces
  • Built-in control and automation functions
  • Documentation with report generation
  • Data transfer to other systems and analysis programs

Types of Process Monitoring and Control Systems:

Data logging systems from dataTaker and Novus Automation provide basic process monitoring and process control monitoring capabilities. These systems are often used to collect data for troubleshooting PLC issues. They can accept a variety of analog sensor outputs as well as digital signals. Also, they provide Modbus communications capability to interface with PLC’s and other equipment.

For more advanced process monitoring and control projects, systems from Delphin Technology are designed for industrial users involved in the generation, operation, and optimization of various manufacturing and production processes. Delphin ProfiMessage hardware and its patented and award-winning ProfiSignal measurement and automation software, satisfy the needs of both small and large installations.

Process Monitoring and Control SystemsFor the most demanding control applications, ADwin Real-Time Systems from Jager are capable of running multiple control loops at very high speeds. These systems offer a variety of industrial interfaces for connection to sensors, actuators, and other automation systems. ADwin systems are particularly well suited for automotive applications and are used by leading manufacturers around the world.