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Delphin’s process monitoring has been designed for industrial and academic users involved in the generation, operation and optimization of various manufacturing and production processes. Delphin products are used also by system integrators to develop turn-key solutions.

Delphin products are used in many different industries giving Delphin a wealth of experience in batch and process engineering. Users achieve real benefits by using Delphin systems Message hardware and its patented and award-winning ProfiSignal measurement and automation software, both for small and large installations.

Basic Functionality

  • Secure process monitoring
  • Managing and automating processes
  • Acquiring high-resolution data and adaptive recording
  • Monitor machinery at the machine and at any networked PC
  • Measurement and data evaluation via intranet and/or internet
  • Documentation via dynamic reporting functions
  • Connection to third-party equipment via standard interfaces
  • Data transfer to specialized analysis programs
  • SQL interface to link company database systems

Networking Capability

Individual Message systems which monitor machinery, plant components and processes can be linked into a single system via a LAN connection. Separate machines, ovens, and other equipment can then be operated and monitored from any PC on the network. Data can be evaluated and the results presented in reports.