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Vibration data acquisition systems from Delphin include 8 or 16 channels of high-speed simultaneous sampling with support for ICP sensors, a built-in DSP for local analysis, multiple trigger inputs to handle different sample rates and expansion support to include other signal types such as temperature.
vibration data acquisition
Delphin systems are ideal for applications such as:

  • Shaft/bearing vibration in hydro turbines/generators
  • Combustion chamber vibration in gas turbines
  • Vibration/damage diagnostics in transmissions, bearings, and shafts
  • Generator air gap measurements
  • General purpose vibration measurements in test stands and mobile applications
  • Shock and vibration measurement

The ProfiSignal software that is supplied with the Delphin systems provides several vibration specific analysis functions including polar diagrams, shaft centerline charts, bode plots, spectrograms and waterfall charts in addition to basic FFT charts of magnitude and phase vs. frequency.