Environmental Monitoring

These environmental monitoring systems vary from simple 1- and 2-channel data loggers that measure and record temperature and humidity to intelligent multi-channel instruments that can be used with weather stations and other sensors to provide real-time information and capture data for further analysis.

Optimize Crop Quality

Monitor soil moisture and manage irrigation systems for efficient fields.

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Minimize Water Pollution

Continually monitor flow rate and water levels and collect data via USB.

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Monitor Temp, pH, Level & Flow

Monitor and test a wide variety of parameters using multiple sensors.

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Maintain the Atmosphere

Measure temperature, humidity, and CO2 to control your environment.

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Versatile Measurement

Connect an array of sensors through the versatile analog and digital channels to measure many parameters in your environment.

Actionable Alarms

Warning alerts via E-mail are available to set recipients to keep your assets protected giving you peace of mind.

User Friendly Software

With software that can run directly from your web browser you can configure your data logger, view charts and tables, as well as retrieve your data for analysis.

Rugged Construction

With a durable body, these loggers can withstand the toughest environmental conditions.

Environmental monitoring solutions from simple temperature and humidity loggers to intelligent multi-channel instruments for weather stations, water, and air quality. Remote communications for alerting and access to data remotely.