HVAC Data Loggers

Large selection of cost-effective HVAC monitoring systems suitable for any application. Monitor and record temperature, RH% and CO2 levels. Simple, portable, easy-to-use models with WiFi, USB & Bluetooth options.

Measure Pulse Output

Record data from changes in pulse count for contact signals.

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View Energy Usage in Real-Time

Identify areas of energy savings fast and effectively.

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Monitor Remotely

Collect recordings anytime without having to access the data logger.

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Save Considerable Costs

Record energy usage and calculate performance.

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Versatile Measurement

Measure the parameters you need, including energy usage, pulse output and more.

Automated Data Collection

Reduce errors with automated data recording, giving you the ability to see the measurements of your HVAC application in real-time.

Actionable Alarms

Warning alerts are available to set recipients in case of an unwanted temperature change.

Out Of The Box Setup

Start monitoring in your HVAC application in minutes with a quick and easy setup with virtually no learning curve.

Large selection of data loggers for HVAC performance monitoring, balancing, energy audits, indoor air quality, and remote monitoring. Record virtually any parameter from temperature, RH%, CO2, flow and more. Simple, portable, easy-to-use models with WiFi, USB & Bluetooth options.