Industrial Data Loggers

Industrial data logger solutions for monitoring equipment and processes for applications including collecting energy and utilization data, process monitoring, fault identification, temperature profiling troubleshooting, energy monitoring, process documentation, research & development, and more.


Loggers capture data for various types of equipment and processes. These solutions can monitor any type of parameter including temperature, voltage, current, or virtually any other, or combination of parameters. Industrial data loggers can be divided into two categories: single input type data loggers and universal input loggers.

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Analyze Machine Vibration

Continuously monitor your facility’s productivity.

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Validate New Product Design

Collect and record data to ensure systems perform to specifications.

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Measure Temperature

Record temperature of products and materials to ensure quality.

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Automated Data Collection

Reduce errors and improve quality with automated data collection.

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Rugged Construction

With a durable body and design as well as a temperature range of -45˚ C – 70˚ C, these rugged data loggers can withstand even the toughest conditions.

Fast & Easy Configuration

Industrial data recording is user friendly and its intuitive configuration means fast installation and short training times saving you money.

Versatile Measurement

Connect an array of sensors through the versatile analog and digital channels, high-speed counter inputs, phase encoder inputs and programmable serial sensor channels.

User Friendly Software

With the data logging software you can configure the logger, view charts and graphs to analyze your data.

Rugged, industrial data loggers for monitoring equipment, processes, and test stands. Used for long term monitoring and operational recording or short term diagnostics and troubleshooting. Intelligent devices to record any parameter from temperature to vibration for quality and production metrics.