Machine Monitoring

Selection of machine monitoring data loggers for commercial, industrial, utility & construction equipment. Monitor and record runtime/uptime, preventative maintenance, condition, performance, energy, fault isolation, QC, and more.

Continuously Monitor for Faults

Monitor machine components and identify faults when parameters go outside normal operation.

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Monitor Machine Operation in Real-Time

Record force, pressure, & movement thoroughly.

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Analyze Historical Data

View data of machine fault diagnostics easily with online software.

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Increase Safety and Prevent Damage

Monitor to improve fault prediction and identify corrective actions.

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Versatile Measurement

Connect an array of sensors through the versatile analog and digital channels to measure many parameters in your machine monitoring application.

Intelligent Data Dashboard

With the dEX built-in software that runs directly from your web browser you can configure your data logger, view charts and tables and retrieve your data for analysis.

Data On The Go

Take your data anywhere you go with an easy to use USB memory stick for data and program transfer.

Rugged Construction

With a durable body and design these rugged data loggers can withstand even the toughest conditions and environments.

Rugged, flexible data loggers used to record runtime/uptime, temperature, speed, energy use, vibration and more. Connectivity to Modbus, Profibus Serial and CANbus networks. Useful for preventive maintenance, operating performance, production metrics, diagnostics and more.