Museum Monitoring Data Loggers

Selection of museum environmental monitoring data loggers to track environmental conditions and alarm temperature, RH% and illuminance/UV light. Wireless and remote solutions for monitoring and alarming for your peace of mind.

Measure Temperature, RH & Light

Ensure proper preservation of artwork.

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Monitor Structural Condition

Analyze collected data to develop restoration efforts.

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Monitor Many Floors at Once

View data from many points in one place with a wireless system.

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Access Data Anywhere

View data directly from a web browser for easy analysis.

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Automated Data Collection

Reduce errors with automated data recording, giving you the ability to see your measurements in real-time.

Actionable Alarms

Warning alerts are available to set recipients in case of an unwanted temperature change, keeping your artwork protected.

Ensure Preservation

Measure many parameters including temperature, relative humidity and light to monitor and preserve artwork.

Out Of The Box Setup

Start monitoring your museum application in minutes with a quick and easy setup with virtually no learning curve.

Indoor environmental monitoring for exhibit spaces, display cases, and storage facilities. Loggers to measure and record temperature, RH%, light, and vacuum with remote access and monitoring/alarming to protect valuable exhibits, artifacts, and structures.