Oil & Gas Data Loggers

Selection of oil and gas monitoring systems for recording data in the field. Robust, programmable, universal-input, multi-channel, remote models with up 48 inputs for any measurement requirement.

Increase Safety and Productivity

Monitor temperature for increases or decreases to avoid loss of product.

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Optimize Efficiency

Improve accuracy with the prevention of cross-channel interference.

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Monitor in Extreme Conditions

With reliable operation measure and record data.

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Monitor Remotely

Collect recordings anytime without having to access the data logger.

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Fast & Easy Configuration

Oil and gas data recording is user friendly and intuitive configuration means fast installation and short training times will save you money.

Intelligent Signal Processing

Signal processing using internal software channels significantly simplifies measurement tasks and flexible calculation channels.

Rugged Construction

With a durable body and design these rugged data loggers can withstand even the toughest conditions and environments.

Versatile Measurement

Connect an array of sensors through the versatile analog and digital channels to measure many parameters in your environment.

Rugged universal input data loggers and RTUs for recording data and monitoring equipment in the field. Flexible and configurable devices with remote communications options to give you the data you need without requiring a visit to the wellhead.