Oven Temperature Profiling

Oven temperature data logger solutions for industrial & commercial applications. Flexible systems with up to 48 inputs. Temperature profiling for baking, powder coat curing, and process ovens.

Monitor at High Temperatures

Improve production quality under extreme heat.

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Optimize Your Process

Monitor batch oven temperature and increase profitability.

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Improve Food Safety

Monitor temperature profiles for compliance with industry standards.

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Save Energy Costs

Collect data to improve energy savings over the long-term.

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Versatile Measurement

With up to 48 channels gathering temperature data is flexible in optimizing processes for baking, powder coat curing, and other oven applications.

Automated Data Collection

Reduce errors and improve quality of product with automated data recording, giving you the ability to see your measurements in real-time.

User Friendly Software

With software that can run directly from your web browser you can configure your data logger, view charts and tables, as well as retrieve your data for analysis.

Rugged & Compact

A rugged, compact, and ability for additional temperature resistant enclosures, it is designed to run smoothly in your application.

Ensure that your curing oven is operating at the correct setpoints to ensure product quality and coating performance. Whether a batch or conveyor oven, single or multiple stages, these temperature recorders provide data to support QC, regulatory and production metrics.