Warehouse Monitoring

Large selection of cost-effective warehouse temperature monitoring data loggers for storage and warehouse applications. Record temperature and RH%. USB, Wifi and Bluetooth for simple and easy configuration and data retrieval.

Monitor Performance Qualification

Ensure optimal temp and humidity conditions for quality requirements.

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Easy Data Retrieval

Save time with data transmitted wirelessly from the logger to the network.

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Meet Industry Regulations

Monitor temperature and humidity to ensure you meet certain guidelines for product storage.

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Keep Product Fresh

Monitor temperature and humidity and get warning notifications to ensure quality.

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Automated Data Collection

Reduce errors with automated data recording, giving you the ability to see your warehouse measurements in real-time.

Actionable Alarms

Warning alerts are available to set recipients in case of an unwanted temperature change, keeping your items in storage protected.

Ensure Product Quality

Maintain a controlled storage environment by measuring temperature and relative humidity to eliminate product quality.

Out Of The Box Setup

Start monitoring your warehouse in minutes with a quick and easy setup with virtually no learning curve.

Large selection of cost-effective loggers for warehouse environmental monitoring. Prove proper storage conditions for quality, regulatory or customer requirements. Wireless loggers for distributed sensing, HVAC tuning, and hot/cold spot identification.