data loggerCAS DataLoggers has the best data logger and data acquisition product selection anywhere! Our extensive inventory addresses a wide range of applications, both for general-purpose or highly specialized, customized solutions. These devices can be a single-input, application-specific, stand-alone instrument small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, or it can be a multi-channel data collection system equipped with multiple types of external sensors. Special-purpose data logging devices are usually single-channel and feature lower cost and specialized software. Whatever your measurement or application requirement, CAS DataLoggers has the right special-purpose data recorder device available: for temperature and humidity, thermocouple, voltage, current, power, resistance, pulse, event, light/UV, CO/CO2, bridge/strain applications and much logger

Other multi-channel, universal input data logger devices can measure a variety of parameters at the same time and are suitable for Environmental, Industrial, Mining, Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, Preservation, Energy, or Manufacturing applications to name a few. Our diverse data logger selection is complimented by our seasoned staff of Applications Specialists, DAQ Engineers and Technical Support. As technology evolves and requirements change, CAS DataLoggers maintains its objective to continually seek out and offer the best selection of data logging solutions anywhere.

CAS DataLoggers has the best data logger and data acquisition product selection anywhere!

Most Common Data Logger Types


--80C to high-temperature for RTD, thermistor, thermocouple, ambient single- or multi-channel.


For monitoring & recording relative humidity (RH%), dew point and water vapor concentration.


AC & DC voltage & current monitoring & recording, single- or multi-channel & mixed-input.


Wireless & WiFi for real-time, continuous remote recording for local or cloud-based data access.


Capture dynamic signals such as pressure transience, dynamic force, PC-based or stand-alone.


Simple, portable devices plug directly into USB port on a PC for configuration and data retrieval.


For electrical load analysis, QC studies, energy audits, equipment monitoring and troubleshooting.


Capture events from switches, relays, & voltages. Monitor, record run-time, ON/OFF & status change.

Universal Input

One device with flexible, intelligent, programmable input channels. Measure & record any signal.


For strain gauges, load cells & pressure transducers in civil and other engineering applications.


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7 Ways to Save Money

Data loggers are an ideal way to monitor, record and alarm temperature and other measurement values, removing the need for manual data recording.