Data loggers by measurement for all applications. Stand-alone, PC-based, portable models. Temperature & RH%, voltage, power, current, AC/DC current, power, energy, pulse, digital, event, state, serial & more.


Hundreds of models to choose from to satisfy any measurement or input requirement. Single-input for simple applications and robust units capable of over 48 inputs and universal input models to satisfy more demanding applications.

Use the filters to navigate through all of the measurement types including: 4-20 mA, temperature & RH%, AC/DC current, voltage, power, energy, serial, pulse, digital, event, state/count. Systems & kits for CO & CO2, mixed measurement and universal input models available with choices for vibrating wire, strain, thermocouple, thermistor, RTD types, and more.

CAS DataLoggers offers solutions for any measurement requirement or application. These data logging options are suitable for use in applications such as remote monitoring, industrial process & manufacturing control, automotive and aerospace data collection and analysis, logistics, HVAC, pharmaceutical manufacturing and storage, geotechnicl, environmental monitoring and more.

In addition, CAS offers a large selection of kits and products for Medical, Life Science & Laboratory Temperature Monitoring & Alarming Systems. Search by application  for solution-specific data loggers, data recorders, flexible systems and kits to fit any measurement type and requirement. For more information on applications, view this article.

CAS DataLoggers strives to be your single-source for all of your data recorders and data acquisition needs. With over 18 manufacturers represented and 250-pplus products and systems in our product catalog, we always have a solution no matter what the requirement.

Staffed with an experienced engineering team and product specialists with in-depth product knowledge, CAS DataLoggers is prepared to help you with any application you might have. Our product specialists can provide you with on-line hardware and software demos, software and hardware training and technical support and advise no matter how simple or complex your measurement or application.

If we don’t have an off-the-shelf-ready solution and you need a custom systme, CAS DataLoggers can work with your team to design a custom solution specific to your measurement or application requirements. On-site installation, training and trouble-shooting is also available upon request.

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