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AC Voltage Data Loggers

ac voltage data loggersTypes of AC voltage data loggers, also known as AC voltage recorders:

The choice of which AC voltage logger is best is largely determined by the type of voltage measurement required by the end application. AC line voltage data loggers, which are the most common, are designed to take multiple measurements over one or more line cycles where the line cycle frequency varies by country. From these measurements, the AC voltage data logger can return one or more of the following values:

  • Average AC Voltage
  • RMS AC Voltage
  • Minimum and/or Maximum voltage over one or more cycles
  • Peak voltage.

ac voltage data loggersThe requirements of the application determine which of these is most appropriate, average or RMS voltages can be used to monitor long-term trends over periods of seconds to minutes, minimum/maximum values are used to monitor for sags or surges which may just last a few cycles and peak values can be used to isolate spikes that last a fraction of a power line cycle.

ac voltage data loggersIf you have an application that can’t be satisfied with one of our standard AC voltage data loggers, universal input data loggers from dataTaker, Delphin and Grant Instruments can be used with external voltage transducers. Several different transducer manufacturers are available to assemble voltage data logging systems for specialized applications including voltages and frequencies outside of standard AC power lines and variable frequency drives. In addition, if the application requires the measurement of AC voltage along with other sensor inputs such as temperature, pressure, flow, DC voltage, etc. the universal input loggers can accept the output of all types of sensors to provide a packaged solution to complicated projects.

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