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DC Current Data Loggers for DC Current Measurements

DC Current Data LoggersWe offer a variety of data loggers that are suitable for measurement of DC current. DC current data loggers fall into 2 categories; there are loggers intended specifically for 4-20 ma process current measurements and there are general purpose DC current loggers that come in different versions for currents from micro-amps to hundreds or thousands of amps. The process current loggers typically are lower cost and are easier to set-up but offer less flexibility. We also have a great selection of general purpose data loggers that can measure DC voltages and also allow the measurement of other input signals types.

If you happen to need to measure currents that are beyond the standard input ranges of our data loggers, we can provide transducers that are suitable for up to hundreds or thousands of amps. For more information on transducers, go to our tutorial page for Voltage and Current Measurements. Please call us at 800-956-4437 and we will help you design a system to meet your exact requirements.

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