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Data Loggers for Humidity Monitoring, Temperature and More

Many of the humidity data loggers we offer feature LCD displays so you can view data on the spot. These loggers record both temperature and relative humidity (RH), and other models can record additional parameters such as carbon dioxide, light, pressure and more. Many of these models record data using their own internal sensors, while others allow you to attach external sensors. We also offer high-accuracy models.

For transit jobs you’ll want a simple logger that’s easy to use. Single-trip loggers are perfect when you just need a record of the temperature data to give to the receiver. For example I-Plug-Plus PDF loggers travel in shipments and produce a PDF report as proof of good practices. We also offer low-cost data loggers from Lascar Electronics.

If you need to receive alarms and/or view the data from a remote location, you can use a wireless data logger to check data online from any web-enabled device including your PC, laptop or mobile device. We offer many different models which let you choose how you receive alarms including SMS text messages and emails.

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