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Recording Humidity with Humidity Data Loggers

humidity data loggersWe have many different models of humidity data loggers for all types of applications. The selection of products includes low-cost simple models like the Lascar EL-USB-2 and TandD TR-72wf that just record both relative humidity (RH) and temperature. For applications like HVAC or indoor air quality (IAQ) we have other models including the TandD TR-76Ui and AEMC CA 1510 that can record additional parameters such as carbon dioxide level. These data loggers come with their own sensors, either internal or external. Typically, they offer a specified operating range of 10-90% RH. If you need to measure beyond this range, there are high accuracy models including the TandD TR-72wf-S that offer an extended operating range. But, be aware that measurement of humidity in condensing environments or HAST test chambers can require specialized probes that are specifically designed to operate at or near 100% RH where normal probes would be permanently damaged.

Accsense A1-05 Data Logger - humidity data loggersOur data loggers are used to measure the humidity in a wide variety of locations including refrigerated coolers, storage areas, laboratories, and manufacturing areas. In some applications, the humidity loggers are used simply to record data for historical tracking while other applications require alarms if the humidity gets outside a specified range. We offer many different models which let you choose how you receive alarms including SMS text messages and emails

Our selection of humidity data loggers includes both wired (USB, Ethernet) and wireless models. A wireless humidity logger like the TandD RTR-503 or Accsense A1-05 can greatly simplify monitoring remote locations. Several manufacturers offer data loggers that send data and alarms to a cloud-based storage service which allows you check data online from any web-enabled device including your PC, laptop or mobile device.

humidity data loggersFinally, if you have a more complex application that requires the measurement of humidity along with other sensor inputs such at temperature, pressure, flow, voltage, etc., we offer universal input data loggers from dataTaker, Delphin and Grant Instruments. We partner with several different humidity sensor manufacturers to assemble humidity data logging systems for specialized applications such as HAST and salt spray test chambers. They can accept the output of all types of sensors to provide a one box solution to complicated projects.

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