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Our Brainchild paperless chart recorders provide an ideal alternative to outdated and increasingly unreliable paper chart recorders.

  • Built-in touch screen display allows for quick and convenient review of measured data
  • Navigation buttons allow users to scroll back in time and review historical trends
  • Removable Flash memory card stores all measured data electronically for instant archiving or transfer to a computer
  • Ethernet interface for downloading data or viewing your critical conditions in real-time on a remote computer
  • Webserver & Email directly from recorder

Ideal for use in plants, labs and hospitals, each portable chart recorder can be configured on an individual channel basis for thermocouple, RTD, voltage or current inputs, allowing users great flexibility in the measured parameters. The Brainchild PR series chart recorders feature 6 to 48 inputs. Limits can be set to trigger alarming whenever values go outside of specifications. Optional cards are also available for digital input and output or analog output.

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