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Data Loggers for Rainfall Intensity with Alarms

Isodaq telemetry & data logging systems are ideal for remote site hydrometric monitoring applications with GPRS data loggers for connection with rain gauges and weather stations to measure rainfall intensity. For example these products can record data from tipping bucket rain gauges, the most commonly-used type of rainfall sensor, with data typically given in millimeters or inches per hour (mm/h or in/hr). All Isodaq products offer high IP-rated protection and rugged construction for reliable operation.

For a compact solution, Isodaq Tadpole GSM/GPRS dataloggers are ultra-low powered devices with an on-board GSM/GPRS modem ideal for remote sites. The Tadpole GSM/GPRS loggers are a rugged IP65 telemetry devices designed for water monitoring applications where systems are operated at remote sites with hostile environmental conditions. The loggers also offer savings for ease of deployment at low cost inside rain gauges or small enclosures.

Acting as remote outstations, Isodaq Frog RX dataloggers can connect with a wide variety of environmental sensors including analog, digital and SDI-12 smart sensors, for example to record events such as switch closure events from a tipping bucket rain gauge. Users can also log accumulated rainfall over a given period as well as total accumulation and intensity level.

Isodaq dataloggers utilize GSM/GPRS modems to deliver environmental data from remote sites directly to your desktop which offers a number of benefits:

  • Real-time information – automatic capture of the latest measurement plus recent trends
  • Reduced site visits – saving on the cost of data collection from remote sites, plus lower carbon footprint
  • Automatic warning and call-outs – generating alarm messages to warn staff of key events
  • Alerts of process or compliance failure – alerts of latest trends towards process or compliance failure
  • Prioritizing maintenance – maintenance visit call-outs with knowledge of current status or problems

Isodaq’s telemetry server sends all the data online, and the Isodaq family of dataloggers also allow users to schedule periodic data downloads directly to an office PC.