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Temperature Data Loggers for Any Type of Application

temperature data loggersCAS DataLoggers offers a broad selection of temperature data loggers with a wide variety of features, communication options, storage and notification capabilities to meet your project needs. Our temperature recorders satisfy the needs of many different applications including refrigerator/ freezer temperature monitoring, oven temperature profiling, environmental monitoring for laboratories warehouses and storage areas, equipment monitoring, and research and development.

Our data loggers are suitable for use with all common types of temperature sensors, including thermocouples, RTD’s and thermistors. We provide simple single channel, single-use models starting at less than $39 to multi-channel systems with hundreds of inputs. We have temperature recorders with and without displays, wireless and LAN data loggers and turn-key systems.

Whether you need a simple temperature monitor or a multi-channel system to log several temperature inputs and other parameters at the same time, we can provide you with a temperature logger to meet your exact needs.