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Oven Temperature Data Loggers for any Application

Grant OMK610 Oven Temperature Profiling Kit - Oven Temperature Data LoggersWe offer several different Oven Temperature Data Loggers from 1 to 6 channels to gather temperature data to help optimize processes and minimize costs for baking, powder coat curing, and other process ovens.

These systems include temperature data loggers and thermal barriers designed to be passed through conveyor or batch ovens, useful in electric, gas, and radiant ovens. They can measure the temperature profile of items as they pass through the oven to determine how fast they heat/cool and how uniform the temperature is across the part for quality assurance.

We provide Grant Squirrel data loggers for a complete turn-key package including the data logger, thermal barrier and probes especially designed for paint curing applications. The PaintView software program provided as part of these systems includes % cure calculations and direct printer support.

Custom thermal barriers are available on request for other applications that have different process time/temperature profiles.

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